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RGIII denies he's alienated from Redskins teammates

Robert Griffin III on Sunday flatly denied an ESPN report that the Redskins quarterback has "alienated himself" from teammates.

"In that locker room, we focus on what's going on in there and what's going on on that field, and we can't really worry about the negativity that's swirling," Griffin said after his team's 29-26 loss to the Vikings.

Per the ESPN report, RGIII saw his Friday interview with the media disrupted when "about 15 teammates began shouting," forcing the signal-caller into another room to continue the session with reporters. Griffin says the incident was misunderstood.

"We can hold a panel of the guys that were in there that got the media out of the locker room," RGIII said. "I know exactly what happened: We were laughing, they were creating a joke, it escalated quickly. And I think the Washington media, the people that are here, will understand, that at the end of the day, it is our locker room, and both sides need to respect each other at the end of the day."

Said Griffin: "You guys have a job to do, we have a job to do, and it won't happen again, but it had nothing to do with them worrying about me starting or not wanting to start. ... It's completely false, the reasoning behind that report. But, you know, I try not to dive into what you guys have to do."

Coach Jay Gruden, on the other hand, dove right in.

"The reports on Robert, the locker room ... I saw those. It was an amateurish report. It was totally not true, and for anybody who reads that thing, to believe that, they're an amateur; anybody who reports that is an amateur. It's totally false," Gruden said.

Wherever the locker room truly sits, finding ways to win with Griffin remains the best possible way for the Redskins to silence the drama that seems to trail RGIII at every turn.

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