RG3's run kicks off craziest 11 seconds of NFL season

I picked the right week to travel to NFL.com headquarters in Los Angeles for an NFL Sunday.

This was the best week of games all season. 

If it felt like three games were decided in a matter of moments, well, that's exactly what happened. During an 11-second span, the Redskins-Vikings, Seahawks-Patriots and Cardinals-Bills all took wild turns. This was a Scott Hanson kind of moment. 

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Robert Griffin III put on an amazing display of speed on a 76-yard touchdown run to bury the Vikings, giving the Redskins their first home win in more than a year. We probably won't hear this week that Griffin should run less.

At the exact same moment Griffin was racing down the sideline, fellow rookie quarterback Russell Wilsonwrote his own improbable ending. A few weeks ago, Wilson's Hail Mary was the story of the week. That play was fluky. Bizarre. His 46-yard strike to Sidney Rice to beat the Patriots on Sunday was just bad ass.

I was watching both of these plays at the same time, my eyes going back and forth, thinking how lucky we'll be to watch these two guys for years to come. In my excitement, I missed the third insane moment.

Just minutes after Cardinals kicker Jay Feely nailed a 61-yard field goal to tie the score against the Bills, Skeltonmania was set to go off in Arizona. John Skelton set up Feely for a 39-yard field-goal attempt to win it. I just assumed he'd make the kick. You can guess what came next.

A lot can happen in 11 seconds. The city of Washington can feel a lot better about its football team after a crushing weekend in baseball. The Bills looked like they were headed for 2-4, two games behind the Patriots in the AFC East.

Instead, we have a four-way tie at 3-3 atop the AFC East. It doesn't get much crazier than that.

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