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Rex Ryan: Steelers' Mitchell leap 'kind of bush league'

Mike Mitchell did his best Troy Polamalu impression on Sunday, and the Jets did not appreciate it.

In the final seconds of New York's upset 20-13 win at the Meadowlands, Mitchell attempted to leap over the line of scrimmage while the Jets were in their victory formation. He ended up in the air space of center Nick Mangold, who flipped the Steelers safety to the turf.

Large humans pushed each other, swear words were uttered. After the game, Mangold called Mitchell's antics "dirty." On Monday, Rex Ryan shared his feelings.

"I thought that was kind of bush league," Ryan said, according to "I'm surprised. I can understand in a short-yardage situation, you would have praised the guy for timing it and all that stuff -- there's no question. But in that part of the game, where we're just kneeling on it, I was surprised by it to say the least -- and disappointed."

Does Ryan believes Steelers coach Mike Tomlin told Mitchell to make the desperation leap?

"I have no idea; I guess you'd have to ask them," Ryan said. "But I've played them for a long time. I've never seen that before."

The Steelers went full-Schiano, and it didn't work. One day it will for somebody, and the "victory formation" will lose its innocence forever. Enjoy it while you can.

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