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Rex Ryan sounds certain he won't be fired in-season

Rex Ryan knows he'll still be the coach of the New York Jets ... for at least the next five weeks.

After a miserable 38-3 beatdownat the hands of the Buffalo Bills in Detroit, after a week when the Bills barely had any preparation time because of a massive blizzard, Ryan's hapless team has never looked more lost.

Ryan, though, sounds like a coach who is not planning on getting replaced with an interim in 2014.

"Unless it changes drastically, I will be the head coach here for the next five weeks," Ryan said after the game, via the New York Post. "That's what I know and I'm going to go about my job like I always do."

Ryan said he has not had any conversations about his job with owner Woody Johnson, one of his closest allies in the organization. This jibes with Johnson's normal way of operation in recent years, in which he's waited until the day after the season to address any job statuses.

Basically, Ryan sounds like a coach preparing to change his address in just a few months. Johnson's biggest decision will be whether to include general manager John Idzik in his house cleaning.

But Ryan can take solace in the fact that he'll get the respect of a coach who did do some good things over his six-year tenure in Gotham.

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