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Rex Ryan explains comical kickoff return fail vs. Bills

The Jets hinted at a possible trick return with Percy Harvin now on the roster, but Sunday's attempt was not quite what they had in mind.

The team appeared to be attempting a version of TCU's camouflage return in which a player used the color schemes in the end zone and on his uniform to blend in, leaving him wide open for a toss back.

The Jets, though, seemed to have T.J. Graham just hanging out. He didn't blend in nearly as well, and there was a Bills player who immediately ran to him in order to prevent a throw back (maybe it was that white helmet?). Harvin was left to put his head down and inch out a short gain.

Already down 27-17, this put a comical twist on what was a horrifying game for the Jets. Two separate quarterbacks logged three turnovers; the secondary was pummeled by Kyle Orton; and now this, a botched kick return reminiscent of the Arkansas State "fake death" play.

"That was on me," said Rex Ryan after the game. "I was just trying to give us a spark. With the way Percy was returning the ball, I thought everyone would attack him and not think about a throwback. I think they did an outstanding job of playing it. Percy was heads-up enough to not throw it over there."

Sometimes you can't help but feel bad for Ryan.

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