Rex Ryan: Bills' running playbook will be massive

Man, it's good to have preseason, non-muzzled Rex Ryan back, isn't it?

The Bills' instant hyperbole generator and head coach has been romping through his first preseason in Buffalo and doesn't show signs of slowing down. And thank goodness for that.

His latest gem came to us on Wednesday when Ryan, a season-ticket holder in quarterback purgatory, said his running game was going to change the way we think about running games.

"We'll have probably the biggest playbook in the history of man in our running game," Ryan said Wednesday. "Why? Because it's important to us. We want to be multiple in the running game, and that's what Greg does. He's as multiple as ... like some people are in the passing game, we can be that way in the running game as well."

The image of Bills running back LeSean McCoy shuffling to his car with a gigantic tome of running plays is entertaining enough, but it's fair to wonder if Ryan is placing too much on his new offense right away.

Throughout his career, he has shuffled between coordinators that have been labeled as too complex (Brian Schottenheimer, Marty Mornhinweg) and not nearly complex enough (Tony Sparano, Brian Schottenheimer). Greg Roman comes with the most promise, but will he inundate a relatively uncertain offensive line too quickly?

Perhaps this is just Ryan spouting off, as he tends to do from time to time. Maybe, though, it's something worth keeping an eye on.

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