Rex Ryan: Bill Belichick's push-tactic claims 'not true'

The Patriot Push just won't go away.

New England coach Bill Belichick admitted Monday that his players broke a rule by pushing each other into New York's line during an overtime field-goal attempt by the Jets in Sunday's 30-27 loss to Gang Green.

Belichick then turned around and accused the Jets of using the very same tactic, saying Tuesday: "Well, I mean, since they were using the play themselves. I don't even know about all that. But basically we're just moving on here."

No, we're not.

Asked about Belichick's accusation, Jets coach Rex Ryan reopened Pandora's box on Wednesday, emphatically denying New York employed push techniques of its own.

"That's not true," Ryan said, per Brian Costello of the New York Post. "He's got to make up his mind. Was he aware of it? Was it second level? Now we did it? OK."

Points awarded to Rex. Belichick would have done well to simply acknowledge the play and put it to bed. Instead, he turns around and points fingers?

We're not buying it, and neither is a Jets coach who, by our count, has his moxie back:

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