Rex promises to beat his brother Rob again in Week 1

The Ryan brothers are at it again.

One season after New York Jets coach Rex Ryan delivered on his promise to beat defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's Cleveland Browns 26-20 in overtime, Rex is declaring he will do it again In Week 1 when Rob -- now Dallas' defensive coordinator -- comes to town with the Cowboys.

"I hate to do it to him again, but we're going to," Rex Ryan told Jets' season ticket holders during a recent conference call, according to the New York Daily News. "We've got to beat 'em."

In a press conference before last year's game, Rex wore a wig to mimic Rob's long hair and stuffed a pillow under his shirt to simulate Rob's larger belly.

"It is special," Rex said of facing his brother. "After the game, in particular. But going into it, it doesn't matter. The fact that it's my brother or cousin or anybody else. It makes no difference. We're paid to win. And that's what we go about doing."

The teams will play Sunday night on Sept. 11.

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