Rex on Taylor concussion protocol: 'I'm all for that'

Questions were raised last week after Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was allowed to play on after suffering helmet-to-helmet hits against the Denver Broncos.

On Thursday night, game officials went out of their way to use extra caution with Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

Referee Ed Hochuli made the decision to yank the signal-caller from the game after Taylor took a heavy hit on a third-quarter scramble during Buffalo's 37-31 loss to the New York Jets.

"(The refs) told me he took a good shot and, you know what, I certainly get that," Rex Ryan said after the game. "This league should be about protecting players and Hochuli explained that to me. I certainly understand that and I'm all for that."

Taylor left for two plays, saying after the game that he accepted Hochuli's judgement, even after it was determined he was concussion-free.

"Just protocol," Taylor said. "I got hit. Ed said he thought I was a little woozy (on) the ground and they put me in protocol. You never want to come out in the middle of a series, especially in a close game, big game like this. But I understand it's protocol, so I have to deal with it."

Taylor's situation stands in contrast to Newton, who appeared visibly shaken up in the season opener after taking a fourth-quarter hit by Denver's Darian Stewart that sent the Panthers quarterback hard to the ground.

Both the NFL and Panthers coach Ron Rivera stated that Newton underwent proper concussion protocol on the hit, but Thursday's proceedings certainly looked different to the viewer.

In this case, officials took charge of the situation and used appropriate caution with Taylor -- whether or not he wanted to leave the game.

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