Rex: I hope Sunday is miserable for Marrone, Jaguars

In NFL years, it's been a long time since Doug Marrone was the head coach of the Buffalo Bills.

But this Sunday is the first time he's returning to Buffalo with his new team -- the Jacksonville Jaguars. Last year, Jacksonville beat Buffalo in London, 34-31.

"Doug isn't the coach here anymore. I'm blessed to be," Ryan said Wednesday when asked about his predecessor. "So of course I hope it's miserable for him and the rest of the Jaguars."

Ryan added that he knew Buffalo played hard under Marrone.

While we expect some of the more attentive Bills fans to boo Marrone, this likely won't be much of a storyline. What Marrone did -- opting out of his contract with the Bills, who had to pay him for the following season anyway -- was well-chronicled at the time and made sense given Marrone's confidence in landing the Jets head coaching job.

We all know how that turned out.

While it's too early in the season to talk about saving jobs or keeping a coaching staff together, Marrone's offensive line could use a spirited performance against a 5-5 Bills team that will be doing its best to remain in the playoff hunt. Ryan called Jacksonville the best 2-8 team he's ever seen this week.

Marrone's name keeps coming up in head coaching discussions, though the recent level of performance in Jacksonville has possibly cooled his name by association. Could it change down the stretch? He has the chance to show his old fans this weekend. In the meantime, it could serve as a sign to Bills fans that they should appreciate what they have. Despite Ryan's middling record, he would coach the Bills for the next 30 seasons if he was able to.

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