Rex: I can whip most coaches, but not Campbell

We all know that Rex Ryan is a fearless, bombastic bar room brawler-type, but when it comes to fighting other head coaches, he'll pass on this week's opponent.

Miami's Dan Campbell seems to have that effect on people.

"Most times when I go across field I can whip most head coaches, but I ain't whipping that one," Ryan said jokingly, via "I'm not even trying to whip that one. He's a big dude, man. I'm 52 years old. I'd like to see 53."

Though we know Ryan was kidding, he does open the door to an interesting discussion. We wonder what he means by most NFL head coaches? Dan Campbell has certainly taken over the No. 1 role in anyone's fictional coach Royal Rumble, but let's not forget there were a few serious contenders before he got the job.

Does Rex Ryan think he could whip...

  1. Ron Rivera
  1. Todd Bowles
  1. Gus Bradley
  1. Mike Tomlin
  1. Tom Coughlin
  1. Dan Quinn
  1. Mike Zimmer
  1. Jack Del Rio
  1. Marvin Lewis
  1. Lovie Smith

Campbell is getting a reputation as the NFL's biggest badass at the moment, but we don't want to forget that he's not the only one. There are plenty of people Ryan -- or anyone in their right mind -- shouldn't want to fight after the game is over. I mean, just look at that top 10 list. Any takers? Seriously?

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