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Rex: Bills might circle rematch with Mario Williams

The two AFC East tilts between the Dolphins and Bills won't lack for storylines in 2016.

All-Pro pass rusher Mario Williams landed in Miami after sounding off on Rex Ryan's defensive scheme throughout the 2015 season.

Not one to let a slight go without a jab of his own, Ryan threw a barb in Williams' direction during the AFC coaches breakfast at the NFL owners meeting on Tuesday.

"I think he'll play left end, and when you've got (Ndamukong) Suh inside, it's set up to play a 4-3 defense, so I think that's what they'll do with him," Ryan said, via "Play a nine technique, everything he wants."

Ryan was referring to Williams' desire to operate strictly as a pass rusher with the freedom to pin his ears back and chase quarterbacks rather than dropping into coverage, as he did at times in the Bills' defense.

For all of the back biting in Buffalo, Ryan insists reports questioning Williams' effort and fit were "kind of overblown."

"I think Mario, I like him personally. He's not perfect, just like the rest of them. I'm perfect," Ryan quipped. "I like Mario, and he's been a great player in this league, a very productive player in this league, and I didn't want to lose him, but that's just the way it is."

That doesn't mean the two sides will lack for motivation when they meet again this season.

Asked if he thinks Williams will have the first rematch circled, Ryan laughed and offered, "I don't know, we may have it circled."

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