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Revis on Steve Smith: After TD, he got 'erased'

Steve Smith got the better of Darrelle Revis early in Saturday's instant classic in Foxborough. But Revis would like to point out that it didn't last.

"He caught a touchdown earlier in the game, and after that, he got erased," Revis said after the game via

This isn't exactly the game for Revis to be honking. Smith caught three balls for 44 yards and a touchdown on Revis, but that only tells a part of the story. Revis had a costly, long pass interference penalty that set up a Ravens touchdown late in the first half. Revis also had a brutal defensive holding call in the third quarter that erased a Patriots turnover, and goal-line opportunity.

Revis took particular issue with the pass interference call. 

"I don't agree with that call," Revis said. "I definitely don't, because I played the ball right. Refs make the call, and that's it. But I definitely don't agree with the call."

Smith was complimentary of Revis after the game. Fighting back tears, Smith said they were "two vets" battling and that the scoreboard tells the story of the game.

While Smith and the Ravens go home for the offseason, Revis will prepare for the biggest game of his career. He'll get a chance to erase Demaryius Thomas or T.Y. Hilton in the AFC Championship.

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