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Return to New England would be just fine with WR Moss

If Randy Moss had his choice of where to play next season it would be an easy decision -- the New England Patriots. That would be the team that dealt him back to the Minnesota Vikings in October shortly after a postgame rant.

Moss expanded that and other thoughts during a phone interview with former Vikings teammate Erin Henderson on KFAN AM-1130 in Minnesota on Wednesday.

"I would entertain coming back to Minnesota, but if you're asking me where my heart is," Moss told Henderson, "I think just the success as a wide receiver and everything the New England Patriots stand for -- I'm a big fan of Bill Belichick, I really am. Not just on the field, I'm a fan of his off the field, because the little grouchy man that you see on camera is not what you see off camera."

Moss added: "If you're asking me where my heart and where I'm happy is, I love playing with Tom Brady. I love being coached by Bill Belichick. And people say, 'Well Moss, you got traded to Minnesota from New England.' Well, I just told you all this is a business and people have to understand the nature of the business. It's not just a sport. The sports comes along with the business. If you really don't think it's a business, then why are they sitting there fighting over $9 billion?"

Moss also touched on his relationship with former Vikings coach Brad Childress, who waived Moss less than one month after he was traded to the Vikings and following a 28-18 loss to the Patriots in which Moss caught one pass for 8 yards. After the game, Moss criticized the Vikings coaching staff, while praising the Patriots organization.

"Me and coach Brad Childress really didn't have no problems," Moss said. "I guess I said a few things after the New England game that got my exit out of there very quickly. But I still have love in Minnesota. I've grown to love that state, the city of Minneapolis."

Moss concluded by revealing how difficult being traded and released in the same season was for him.

"I was hurt leaving New England, just as I was hurt leaving Minnesota, which I considered home, feeling comfortable knowing people in the organization, knowing people in the marketing, knowing the fans," Moss said. "By me just being dropped in one night, I was hurt. ... I went into depression a little bit. But I had to suck it up and be a man.

"I had to put my feelings aside and keep playing football."

Moss also made it clear he is not done playing football.

"I want to play football," Moss said. "If it's the Cleveland Browns, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots -- wherever it is man, I just want somebody to respect what I do."

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