Retired Travis Frederick thinks Cowboys have chance to 'go far'

As March was winding to an end, Cowboys center Travis Frederick announced that his seven-season NFL career was likewise coming to its conclusion.

Frederick's retirement effectively left a huge, five-time Pro Bowl-sized hole smack dab in the middle of Dallas' offensive line.

Nonetheless, the bearded stalwart that was so long a standout at center for the Cowboys believes his squad will be just fine in the aftermath of his departure.

"The team is set up extremely well. The front office did a great job of getting people in place," Frederick said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Mac Engel. "On paper, it looks like a really, really solid team. They have a chance to go far."

On paper, Joe Looney is likely to take over as the starting center just as he did in 2018 when Frederick missed the season as he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome (an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the body's nervous system in response to illness) and received treatment. Rookie Tyler Biadasz would also seem to be an option. Either way, Frederick will be watching closely and lending wisdom when he can.

"I'm excited to see them and watch them, and hopefully provide some outside guidance," Frederick said. "I know whoever takes over at center will be well-cared for."

As for Frederick, since he hung up the cleats, his focus has been on dropping weight and aiding kids in lower-income families.

Frederick has been leading the charge for his charity, "The Blocking Hunger Foundation," which provides food for children in lower-income families. It's an avenue all the more important considering the current COVID-19 pandemic.

"People are out of work, and more important children are out of school and they lost access to free meals," Frederick said. "We have seen an increase in demand. It's difficult because people have less money to help out. We are doing our best."

In an unrelated turn of events, even though Frederick's doing his best to keep kids fed, the 29-year-old whose listed playing weight was 320 pounds last season is doing his part to slim down.

"That's the dream: To get skinny. I've started to make my moves. I was at 315 or 320, now I'm at 285. I'm on my way," Frederick said. "I do more cardio now. I don't lift the heavy weights to maintain the level of strength. I am down a shirt size, and down two ring sizes."

As for the Cowboys' prospects in the ring department, Frederick didn't make any bold prognostications such as that, but the former All-Pro believes his now former team can "go far," which would be a welcomed turnaround after a disappointing 2019 campaign that concluded in Week 17 rather than the postseason.

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