Restaurant uses crab cakes to bring top athletes to Baltimore

Over the weekend, Michael Crabtreebecame a Raven , and more importantly, the latest member of the free crab cakes for life crew. Jimmy's Seafood restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland has been a part of the city since 1974 when Demetrios "Jimmy" Minadakis first started serving seafood lovers. However, in recent years, Jimmy's Seafood has been making sports headlines by offering athletes free crab cakes for life to sign with local teams.

Last offseason, when WR Jeremy Maclin was looking at suitors, Jimmy's Seafood stepped in with a crab cakes offer that would be hard to turn down.

One day later, with no official word on Maclin signing, Jimmy's Seafood raised the stakes.

Less than a week later, Maclin signed a two-year, $11 million deal with the Ravens. This year, they made the same offer to Allen Robinson, but the WR opted to sign with the Bears instead. Maybe he's more of a deep dish guy?

Jimmy's connection to athletes hasn't always been related to free agency signings -- in 2016, Manny Machado got free steamed crab and crab cakes for life after charging the mound when Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura threw at him.

WWE's Roman Reigns got free crab cakes for life after eating a seven-pound lobster at the restaurant.

No deals for a writer who promotes, uh, I mean writes about these offers regularly? Even three times within the span of a week?

Oh, alright then. Heads to Yelp and places an order for way more seafood than I can afford.

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