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Report: 'Skins tearing out seats for party decks at FedEx Field

The Washington Redskins are turning the upper deck of FedEx Field into a party place.

The Redskins are ripping out thousands of seats in the end zone nosebleed sections to construct "Party Decks," reducing the capacity of one of the NFL's largest stadiums.

The team said Tuesday it will sell standing-room-only tickets to the decks, which are expected to be ready in time for the 2012 season.

The remodeling job will drop the stadium's capacity from 91,704 to about 85,000, still the NFL's largest for routine games. The Dallas Cowboys' stadium usually seats 80,000 but can be expanded to more than 100,000.

A team source told *The Washington Post* that no fans on the season ticket waiting list will be able to buy tickets this year.

One individual told The Post that the uncertainty of the NFL lockout made what Redskins officials knew would be an unpopular decision -- ripping out thousands of seats rather than offer them to waiting list fans -- a bit easier to stomach.

The party decks also will facilitate pregame and postgame festivities as well as the standing-room game tickets, a model embraced by the Dallas Cowboys at their new venue.

"It's keeping up with the Joneses," one person with knowledge of the plans told The Post. "The modifications, and the party decks, are keeping with a trend of what Jerry Jones did in Dallas, and what Tampa Bay has. (The decks) are affordable, fun areas where people like to hang out before, during and after games."

The Redskins will move fans with seats in the construction areas to better seats using their annual relocation process, one person familiar with the process said. When season ticket holders with better seats do not renew, the Redskins will move fans with seats in the 400-level end zone areas into seats closer to the field or closer to the 50-yard line, depending on the fan's preference. Fans on the waiting list are then given seats in the upper-level end zone areas.

The Redskins don't often give their fans a reason to party. They've have lost 11 of 14 at the stadium and are 42-46 at home since 2000.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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