Report: Scouts not sold on Tim Tebow's baseball skills

The reviews from anonymous scouts are in: Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow doesn't seem to be very good at baseball when compared to other 29-year-old pros.

As one told Katie Strang of "If (his swing) was any longer, it would take out the front row."

Another offered this: "No shot."

The eye-opening part of this from a fan's perspective will be the comically long list of scouts who will be lining up to blast this baseball showcase on Aug. 30. A majority of Major League Baseball teams will be sending a representative to watch the inspirational Heisman Trophy winner, and our best guess is that a majority of them will not be happy about it. But it's important to understand that scouts in both baseball and football have inconceivably long seasons and spend endless hours toiling inside hot, dusty out-of-the-way stadiums trying to separate ability from the foundational tools that make up a professional in the sport. It is a wildly thankless job and most of them are only remembered for being wrong. A majority of teams will probably send West Coast scouts in driving distance to the showcase, but if Tebow isn't even a single-A caliber talent, all of them will have to be wondering what else they could have been doing that afternoon.

The workout will be frustrating because it's a workout -- it's designed to accentuate everything that Tebow does well and could eventually raise more questions than answers.

Our hope is that it becomes a worthy endeavor for all involved. Tebow has been sincere about everything he's undertaken in life and has always been a good sport when the rest of the world disagrees with his dreams. I remember speaking to him five years ago for a piece on his special teams acumen, and it was like listening to a Cicerone talk about craft brewing. But if this turns out to be a gussied-up version of the Lauren Silberman regional combine kicking farce (beautifully chronicled here by NFL Media's Aditi Kinkhabwala), there will be a lot more harm done to his athletic legacy than good.

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