Report: Review finds 'blatant system failure' in McCoy case

The fallout continues from the Cleveland Browns' decision to re-insert concussed quarterback Colt McCoy into Thursday night's loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The initial review of the Browns' handling of McCoy's second-half concussion has been termed a "blatant system failure" by a union source, reported Sunday.

The source said the Browns didn't conduct the proper testing before sending their quarterback back into the game. Sources said it wasn't until Friday morning that McCoy was administered the mandatory Sport Concussion Assessment Tool review (SCAT 2), despite the fact the quarterback had obvious symptoms.

Sources said the initial review contends that Cleveland's medical staff chose to focus its attention on a left hand injury suffered by McCoy immediately following the helmet-to-helmet hit by Steelers linebacker James Harrison.

Dr. Elliott Pellman (the chief physician for the NFL) and Dr. Thom Mayer (the NFL Players Association's chief physician) conducted the initial review, according to One source said their findings "likely" will lead to the placement of independent neurologists at each game site by next season.

The decision to allow McCoy to re-enter Cleveland's 14-3 loss was met with stinging criticism this week by McCoy's father. Harrison could be facing a suspension for his illegal hit because of his status as a repeat offender.

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