Report: Peyton Manning not interested in TV for 2016

Don't expect to see Peyton Manning on your TV screen this fall, unless you like sitting through the same commercial 10,000 times.

The New York Daily News reports, per "network" sources, Manning has no interest in pursing a TV gig for the upcoming season. The report adds that Manning's reps have specifically told NFL TV partners the future Hall of Fame quarterback won't be on the tube this season.

The buzz about Manning's future has hummed steadily since the Super Bowl-winning signal-caller announced his retirement in March.

If Manning were to join a TV crew, it'd likely be in a booth as a color analyst, where his ability to break down film on the spot with uncanny insights could make him the best at the job since John Madden retired. Manning has never been a #HotTake player, so putting him behind a desk doesn't make as much sense.

There has also been speculation that Manning would be best suited for a front-office gig -- a la John Elway -- where his competitive juices and meticulous work ethic could thrive.

With no personnel jobs currently open -- unless a team creates a position for Manning -- the former quarterback will take a year away. TV will always be there as a fallback if Peyton ever wants it.

For now, he'll just enjoy retirement -- and make more commercials.

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