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Report: Haley had indicated he might resign from Chiefs

It sounds as though Todd Haley saw the writing on the wall in Kansas City.

Haley, whom the Chiefs fired as coach Monday, indicated to The Kansas City Star as recently as last week that he might resign from his position in order to retain the right to talk about working for the team.

According to the report, most NFL separation agreements contain a confidentiality clause to prevent former employees from publicly speaking about working for the organization once the sides have parted ways.

Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli defended Monday what repeatedly has been reported as a tenuous relationship with Haley, saying the two had "a good working relationship." According to The Star, however, Haley and Pioli were at odds throughout the season.

Haley didn't mention any friction in a statement he released to The Star on Monday night, although he didn't mention Pioli by name.

"This year has been extremely challenging, but despite losing several key players to injury and free agency, we have been able to remain competitive and remain in contention with three games remaining in the season," Haley said. "I wish the coaches and players good luck down the stretch.

"NFL football is extremely competitive. Being hired and fired is part of this business. I want to thank everyone for their support and I look forward to my next opportunity in this great league."

Pioli refused to pinpoint one aspect of Haley's performance that led to his dismissal, saying there was no "final straw" in the decision that was made Monday morning. Pioli characterized Haley's response to the news as "professional" and "respectful." But according to the account given by The Star, Haley also began to distance himself from the Chiefs' conservative philosophy by growing a thick beard and wearing well-used clothing to games and news conferences.

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