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Report: Ex-Broncos guard John Moffitt to return to NFL

Former Denver Broncos guard John Moffitt will attempt to make a return after battling drug issues.

Moffitt abruptly retired in 2013, saying he was "ready to live a different kind of life."

FOX Sports' Jay Glazer reported on Wednesday that after battling a drug issue, the 28-year-old blocker has gotten clean and wants to return to the NFL.

"I have never been so proud of a guy I've trained than I am of John Moffitt," Glazer wrote on Twitter. "Retired two years ago (because) he knew he had drug issues, took time to go to rehab, clean up his life, beat his demons and he has taken his life back! Guy inspires us every day. He came to me three months ago at (Glazer's gym) Unbreakable to train to take his career back. He's become the favorite of every player in our gym. He officially un-retired today. Free agent starting guard. So proud of him to get here."

The Broncos announced that they released Moffitt on Wednesday.

After his retirement in 2013, Moffit said the NFL made him feel like a commodity and he questioned the long-term health of players. His life unraveled from there with partying, alcohol and drugs at the center -- including several run-ins with the law. The New York Times wrote a fascinating in-depth look at his life last November.

"Amazing how this guy took his life back. He's taught us in the gym a bunch about beating your demons," Glazer added about Moffitt's recovery.

The former third-round pick by the Seattle Seahawks started 15 games in the Upper Northwest before being traded to the Broncos in August 2013. Appearing in just two games in Denver, he retired less than three months later.

Now Moffitt will attempt to battle his way back into the NFL.

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