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Report: Dolphins' Caleb Sturgis injured playing kickball

Beware the red rubber ball.

Earlier this week, San Diego Chargers rookie Denzel Perryman was scolded for taking part in a game of dodgeball while injured. It seemed like an innocent enough activity, even for a player with a tweaked hamstring.

Over in Miami, a game for grade-schoolers that also utilizes rubber balls wasn't so innocent for Dolphins kicker Caleb Sturgis.

The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson reports that Sturgis suffered a quad injury to his plant leg during a team-organized kickball game, according to three sources.

The kicker will reportedly miss two to three weeks and at least the rest of OTAs, but should be able to participate in training camp later this summer.

The kickball injury could damage Sturgis' ability to keep his job. Already the third-year pro was under pressure to be more consistent, after hitting just 77.5 percent of his field goals for his career. He could be a candidate to be replaced if his accuracy doesn't improve and a veteran becomes available during training camp cuts.

It's unfortunate that the injury took place during a seemingly harmless child's game, but it's another reminder that injury lurks even where we might least expect it.

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