Report: Cowboys won't hold camp in California this summer

Dallas Cowboys fans in Southern California won't get their fix of America's Team this summer.

The Cowboys will not split their training camp between Oxnard, Calif., and San Antonio this year, the *Fort Worth Star-Telegram* reported Tuesday, citing a source.

Jerry Jones' team had held camp in both spots in three of the last five years, with players raving about the festive atmosphere and cool weather conditions of Oxnard, a small town located about an hour north of Los Angeles.

The Cowboys have one year remaining on their five-year deal with San Antonio, which allows the team to have rent-free use of the 18-year-old Alamodome.

The Cowboys have sporadically used Oxnard as a training-camp site for the past decade. Jones loves spending time in the area, plus he likes the visibility for his team in the nation's second-largest media market. The site is close to where the Cowboys used to train during the Tom Landry era, so many folks in the area are second- or even third-generation Cowboys fans.

The decision not to use the Oxnard facility this year is somewhat of a surprise. It appeared last summer that Jones was leaning toward splitting camp between San Antonio and Oxnard every year.

"I really like it," Jones said last August. "I wanted to see how it worked and make that assessment after we've finished out here. Where we are right now, it's a good way to go."

The Cowboys certainly are popular in both places: About 75,000 fans attended the workouts in Oxnard, just over 200,000 in San Antonio and another 21,000 watched an open practice at home during the week in between.

The Cowboys had the longest camp in the NFL last year, being the first to open and last to close.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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