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Report: Cowboys using virtual reality technology

The Dallas Cowboys are leaning on technology in an effort to enhance their preparation this season.

Tech blog re/Code reported Sunday that the Cowboys have acquired the services of StriVR Labs, a company that works in the field of virtual reality and has developed software that allows players to view live practice action in 3-D.

This comes on the heels of the Cowboys enlisting the use of drones to film parts of their practices this spring. The team has built a room at their Valley Ranch headquarters specifically for the virtual reality system.

So how does it work? The team installed a stationary camera behind the line of scrimmage that offers a 360-degree view of the play, including sound. Quarterbacks, linebackers and safeties will wear a virtual reality headset that allows coaches the ability to see if players are making the correct reads and checks. The technology ostensibly also benefits players not involved with the play by giving them a first-person perspective of game tape.

Whether any of this stuff actually works is unclear, but it certainly makes the Cowboys look like they're ahead of the curve. Either way, consider this a big step forward for virtual reality technology, which has kept a fairly low profile since that one Aerosmith video with Alicia Silverstone.

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