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Report: Bryant requires restructured 'Boys deal to settle debts

Dez Bryant's troubled financial situation could stay murky until he reworks his contract with the Dallas Cowboys to pay off owed money, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Wednesday, citing a source.

Bryant still faces a pending lawsuit in which Eleow Hunt, of Colleyville, Texas, alleges the Cowboys wide receiver and his adviser, David Wells, owe him roughly $600,000 for sports tickets, jewelry and repayment of loans.

Bryant is in the second season of his five-year, $11.8 million rookie deal that he signed in 2010.

Under the new collective bargaining agreement, Bryant is forbidden from renegotiating his rookie deal until after the 2012 season -- his third season -- according to

Bryant was paid $2.84 million in base salary and bonuses in 2010 and is set to make $1.1 million this season.

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