Report: Browns' Rogers to attend weapons course

Cleveland Browns nose tackle Shaun Rogers will be placed into a 12-month diversion program for possessing a loaded .45 gun in his handbag at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on April 1, according to a report in the *Cleveland Plain Dealer*.

As part of the program -- which will be handed down Thursday during his arraignment in Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court -- Rogers must complete a 10-hour weapons course and 40 hours of community service. Rogers, 31, will be cleared of charges for possessing a loaded gun upon completion of the course.

The Browns, however, are still awaiting word on any potential suspension to be handed down from Commissioner Roger Goodell.

On Tuesday, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the *Akron Beacon Journal* via e-mail, "Now that the matter has been resolved in court, it is being reviewed under our policies."

"Shaun is appreciative of the consideration he received in this case," said Rogers' attorney Patrick D'Angelo. "He understands this is a serious matter, and he wanted to assure everyone that he did not act intentionally in this case."

"I'm hopeful and confident that Shaun will complete the program successfully and that this will be expunged from his record," said D'Angelo.

Rogers was arrested before boarding a flight to Houston. The two-time Pro Bowler told airport security that he forgot he had the loaded gun in his bag. He pleaded not guilty.

Last season, Rogers started 11 games for the Browns, registering 27 tackles and two sacks.

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