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Report: Broncos' Von Miller involved in drug-test coverup

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller and a urine collector conspired in an attempt to cheat the NFL's drug-testing program, ESPN reported Sunday.

It was because of the conspiracy that the NFL considered suspending Miller for the entire season. He currently is serving a six-game suspension that was increased from four games.

The ESPN report said a collector became "star struck" with Miller and became friends with the NFL player.

The NFL, the NFLPA, Miller's agent and the drug testing company Drug Free Sport all declined comment.

ESPN said, according to a source, that the Miami urine collector has been fired. The NFL has since met with Drug Free Sport to ensure a similar episode does not occur. Also, the NFL and the NFLPA jointly investigated Miller to see if he was covering up use of performance-enhancing drugs.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor

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