Reggie Wayne says Porter's pick-six wasn't his fault

Remember Tracy Porter's pick six in Super Bowl XLIV? Apparently Reggie Wayne does quite vividly.

During an appearance on GameDay Morning, Wayne was talking about his former quarterback and a play that changed the fortunes of one Super Bowl half a decade ago. Wayne often gets the blame for not protecting the route better. At the least, conventional thought said that Wayne should have been crisper.

"Let me tell you something about that," Wayne said of Porter's pick six in the fourth quarter, which pushed the score to 30-17. "We ran that play about four times that game. He was waiting on it. He sat on it and he waited. He broke before I did. I didn't help, I slipped a little bit. But he got there before I did. If I would have run the perfect route, I think he still would have got there before me."

It sounds like Wayne is tired of hearing about his involvement in this play and all things considered, he was pretty honest about his role. While it's unclear if he intended to lay the blame on Peyton Manning, it's feasible to see the version of events from Wayne's side. Manning's offense has always contained a surprisingly condensed playbook. Manning repeats many plays at a breakneck speed but is so good at understanding time, down and distance that it's often harder for defenders to catch on.

Porter happened to catch on, and Wayne would like you to know that.

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