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Reggie Wayne has 'nothing bad to say about the Colts'

Reggie Wayne can't bring himself to trash the Indianapolis Colts.

Though he begged owner Jim Irsay for one more shot, a chance to play his 15th, and probably last season as a Colt, he was denied.

Still, he has no regrets.

"I have nothing bad to say about the Colts," Wayne recently told, via "I have zero bad to say. They took me from the street and turned a frown upside down. Zero bad to say."

While it's nice to hear, it must be difficult for Wayne to see his replacement come in the form of a 33-year-old veteran in Andre Johnson. It's also hard to believe that, with nearly $11 million in cap space, they couldn't work something out to bring the veteran back on the cheap.

Like Johnson, Wayne's value extends far beyond the field. When selecting receivers to play around a developing star quarterback, the process is just as much about the person as it is the talent on the field.

Luck couldn't have asked for a better total package than Wayne, who could have easily taken a shot at his team on the way out.

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