Reggie Bush on NFL future: 'I'm not retiring'

Reggie Bush isn't about to let his 2015 release from the Detroit Lions and season-ending knee injury with the San Francisco 49ers put a stop to his professional football career.

"I'm not retiring," Bush told reporters Sunday, per the Detroit Free Press. "I'm still playing. No, I'm not done. And I would never -- knock on wood -- I never want to end my career like that, going out with that."

Bush rushed for just 28 yards in five games with the 49ers before tearing his meniscus while slipping on the concrete surface around the field at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.

An impending free agent, Bush is entering his NFL twilight years after averaging 3.86 yards per carry over the past two seasons. He will hit the open market as an injury-prone, 31-year-old running back best utilized as a pass-catching specialist.

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