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Redskins, Texans scuffle during scrimmage

BREAKING! Football players are competitive.

Even during an amicable training camp scrimmage tempers can flare.

Our most recent example comes from the Washington Redskins and Houston Texans.

NFL Media's Jeff Darlington reported the teams had to be separated to two different fields after three big brawls busted out within five minutes.

Visual evidence:

Luckily for us, Hard Knocks was on the scene, so we'll have a better look when the show airs on Tuesday.

This sort of thing happens when teams get together and competitive juices start flowing. Just last season the Texansengaged in a brouhaha with the Atlanta Falcons during a scrimmage.

The NFL has emphasized no fighting during games, though, so players better be more retrained when the competitions actually count.

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