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Redskins' Joshua Morgan unfazed by Twitter threats

Twitter is great and terrible at the same time. The idiots usually come out after a memorable loss, which happened following Washington Redskins wide receiver Josh Morgan's costly penalty in his team's loss to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

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"I heard everything, especially when they get you on Twitter and are sending you death threats and wishing you bad things and your first born," Morgan said, via the Washington Examiner. "You see it all, you hear it all. ... They treated me like they did Kyle Williams last year. It's all over my Twitter."

The list of messages sent to Morgan are pretty revolting. Morgan said it didn't bother him.

"The only thing I take seriously is football and family," he said. "Nothing really scares me. I'm from D.C."

Well, maybe one guy scares him a little.

"Especially with coach Mike Shanahan, none of us are dumb enough to make the same mistake twice," Morgan said.

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