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Redskins' Jay Gruden: Don't call me fat

Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden is asking his team to block out the noise, which is not an easy concept for a club that has become synonymous with dysfunction.

But Gruden is also learning that it isn't easy to practice what you preach.

"I listen to it a little bit, I read a little bit; some articles. I have to be up to date so when I come up here I know what is going on," Gruden said via CSN Washington. "And I really dislike the guy who called me a fat a--, that really ticked me off. I don't mind you critiquing my coaching style but to make fun of my weight, that's unfair. I'm only 225. Jesus."

Everything about this is great, and now we're all wondering who called Gruden fat. The closest thing we can find is a post from Deadspin's Drew Magary, who refers to the Redskins' head coach as 'Baby Fat.' Then again, it's a post dissecting everything wrong with the organization, so why would a public relations person want him reading that? (Edit: Definitely came from here.)

If nothing else, it shows that Gruden is keeping a good sense of humor heading into the unknown. Robert Griffin III has been unfairly criticized this offseason, but recognizing as much won't make him a better quarterback, or at least one Gruden can count on.

Instead, he'll need to cling to moments like these. Coaches have survived far worse than a losing season simply by being affable and friendly with the media. While Gruden has talent far beyond that, he might need to lean on some quality jokes for a little while.

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