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Redskins hoping that punter Rocca will land U.S. work visa

Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan needs Sav Rocca in training camp. But his tongue-in-cheek suggestion on how to make that happen might not have the punter's wife laughing.

Rocca can't leave his native Australia to join the Redskins because he doesn't have a U.S. work visa, prompting Shanahan's novel solution.

"He's got a job here in the U.S.," Shanahan said this week, according to a story posted on the *Courier Mail*'s website. "Eventually they'll let him go or, at least, I'm hoping they let him go. If not, I told him to get married to an American and that'll make it easier."

That might be a problem for Rocca, though. He's already married to Rose, and they have two sons, Matthew and Lucas.

Shanahan also asked reporters if they knew anyone in the U.S. State Department who could help expedite Rocca's visa.

"I'm hoping to get him here by Monday," Shanahan said. "If you know anybody in the visa department that can help us, I'd really appreciate it. If anybody has any connections, we need some help right now."

Rocca, 37, spent the last four seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles before the Redskins signed him last week.

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