Ravens' Suggs says riff with Pats' Brady 'pretty much over'

Ravens coach John Harbaughdidn't hold back his feelings about Belichick on Tuesday, and linebacker Terrell Suggs evidently figures the time is right join in the lovefest.

Suggs set aside what had been very public disdain for Brady to shower the Patriots quarterback with praise Wednesday.

"I've gotten over it," Suggs said during his news conference. "You grow and mature, you know what I mean? As you can clearly see, I'm not the same guy I was in 2009. I'm definitely 20 pounds lighter, also. We had a lot going on that year. But I'm pretty much over it. I respect him.

"When it's all said and done, they're going to speak on three quarterbacks: Johnny (Unitas), Peyton Manning and him. So there's really no beef."

Suggs said his beef with Brady goes back to 2009, when the Ravens were incensed after a questionable roughing-the-passer penalty against the quarterback.

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Since then, Suggs has suggested that Brady's two Super Bowl wins were "questionable" and complained about the preferential treatment the quarterback received from officials. His latest salvo was that the Patriots are the "good-looking" team while the Ravens are not.

Now Suggs is playing nice. He even offered to trade some of his "Ball So Hard University" gear for some UGG boots, of which Brady is a spokesman, according to the Carroll County Times.

The two players have been known to frequently talk throughout their recent matchups, but by playing the respect card, Suggs is threatening to go quiet with it all on the line.

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