Ravens showing most interest in Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant might not get his wish to clash with the Cowboys twice a year by joining an NFC East squad, but he is drawing interest from a potential playoff contender.

Baltimore has shown the most interest in Bryant since he was released by Dallas last Friday, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported, via a source informed of the situation.

"They signed Michael Crabtree earlier in the offseason," Rapoport explained on Monday's edition of NFL Total Access. "They still are looking to add a receiver. There is a lot to like about the Baltimore Ravens and Dez Bryant. Keep an eye on that one."

While the potential Crabtree-Bryant pairing would give Joe Flacco a stupendous red-zone arsenal, it might also leave Baltimore with one of the slowest starting receiving duos in the league.

The Ravens aren't the only team showing interest in Bryant, however. The Bills have been interested from the beginning, per Rapoport, but it "just does not seem like that's going to happen."

The Saints are also a possibility, Rapoport added, but they don't figure to be as aggressive as Baltimore.

Considering general manager Ozzie Newsome's lengthy track record of attempting to extract value out of declining receivers, it's easy to imagine Bryant corralling Flacco's passes in 2018. Even before the Crabtree addition, Newsome's affinity for veteran wideouts featured fliers on Mike Wallace, Jeremy Maclin, Steve Smith, Anquan Boldin, Lee Evans and Derrick Mason.

If Bryant does end up in Baltimore, he'll be traveling a well-worn path.

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