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Ravens OC says fans had right to boo first-half performance

Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has no problem being the target of criticism by Ravens fans. Heck, he even appreciates the effort.

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Such was the case last Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium when the Ravens fell behind 24-3 to the one-win Cardinals. The Ravens' six first-half drives ended in two field goals, two punts, a fumble and interception. That's not what most expected, and fans started letting the offense know they weren't pleased with watching bad football.

"Our fans are brutal when we do what we did the other night, and rightfully so, because they're so passionate about what we do," Cameron told reporters, per the team's official website. "Maybe I'm getting goofy at this stage, but I appreciate the brutalness of our fans in a way because it's so important to them. I've got no problem being the target, because I've got great guys."

Goofy? Maybe. But right? Probably so.

Joe Flacco, also the focus of the boos, admitted he might have done the same.


"I would probably be wanting to boo if I was in the stands too," Flacco said. "We weren't looking too good. We weren't playing too well. So I think they have the right when we're down 24-3 to be a little bit upset about how we're playing."

Offensively, these Ravens are a tough team to figure out. But give Cameron credit for switching to the hurry-up shotgun formations that sparked Flacco and the offense during the second half.

But instead of being cool with the "brutalness" of the Ravens fandom, it might be easier to just avoid it in the first place.

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