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Ravens plan to use Lamar Jackson under center more in 2021

Part of the Baltimore Ravens' development plan with Lamar Jackson includes getting the quarterback under center more often in 2021.

Offensive coordinator Greg Roman confirmed in a recent Q&A with season-ticket holders that the offense would see Jackson lined up more under the center after spending the overwhelming majority of his time in shotgun.

"That is definitely going to be a part of what we do this year -- the percentage of which I cannot state at this point," Roman said, via ESPN. "I don't know the extent of it. But we are working on it and evaluating it every day."

Getting Jackson under center more could aid the Ravens' ability to take advantage of run fakes. With Baltimore's prolific ground game, Jackson's pass attack could benefit from enhanced play-action with less shotgun.

"It's something we will certainly use from time to time, some games more than others," Roman said. "I believe it's a very important part in the development of a quarterback from a forward standpoint."

In 2020, Jackson spent just 36 of 889 snaps under center (4 percent). Since becoming Baltimore's starter in 2018, Jackson has taken the fewest snaps under center (127, min. 10 starts), via ESPN stats.

Jackson's running ability made him the 2019 NFL MVP and one of the most dynamic playmakers in the NFL regardless of his position. As with all mobile quarterbacks, his development as a pocket-passer should elongate his career and enhance his development. Moving under center more than once in a blue moon should aid Jackson's timing routes with wideouts as the Ravens try to become more explosive and consistent in the passing game in 2021.

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