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Ravens' John Harbaugh: 'I don't get worn down'

The Ravens are simply a franchise no one expects to see in last place. In their 20 seasons, this is the first time Baltimore is sitting at 1-4.

Sunday's latest loss came at the hands of a scattershot Browns team that put up 457 passing yards (!) with Josh McCown, Gary Barnidge, Travis Benjamin, Taylor Gabriel and a slew of role players. This is, without a doubt, uncharted territory for John Harbaugh.

Still, Harbaugh refuses to show any signs of quitting.

"It doesn't wear me down," Harbaugh said, via the team's official site. "I don't get worn down. That will not happen."

Thankfully, the team has a date with the 49ers coming up next week. After Sunday night's loss to the Giants, San Francisco might be one of the only teams more emotionally fragile at this point.

In Baltimore, though, their struggles are not part of a regime change or mass exodus of talent. It is a product of old age and turnover that happens with all great franchises. On Sunday alone, Justin Forsett, Darren Waller, Lardarius Webb, Will Davis and Elvis Dumervil left the game with injury. Even 36-year-old Steve Smith, Sr. (back) couldn't chip in.

"You have to deal with it," Joe Flacco said, via The Baltimore Sun. "We might have a lot right now, (but) it's just part of the game, and you can't use that as an excuse."

And maybe that is why Harbaugh won't get worn down. Every now and then a franchise hits a road bump like this and he's already got a Super Bowl under his belt. He knows it's only a matter of time before order is restored in the AFC North again.

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