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Ravens' Joe Flacco can see himself playing at age 40

Add Joe Flacco to the list of high-profile quarterbacks who believe they can play into their fourth decade.

Like Tom Bradyand Drew Brees before him, Flacco told that his body feels strong at age 30, and he can envision playing as a 40-year-old.

"I don't feel any worse because of my age yet," the Ravens quarterback said. "I'm not going to be 50 (years old) and playing. I hope I'm 40, but 50, no."

The last quarterback to play meaningful snaps as a 40-something was Brett Favre, who nearly took the Minnesota Vikings to the Super Bowl in his age-40 season. Flacco has been the picture of health and durability since entering the league in 2008, starting every game the Ravens have played since that time.

"I'm comfortable with what I do in the offseason and who I work with when I'm not around here," Flacco said. "And it wasn't like that probably the first two years. But ever since then, I'm pretty comfortable and I feel good about it. It's kind of been pretty similar, and I rely on my trainer, and when I come back here I rely on these guys. I think it's working out really well."

Few quarterbacks can match the level of success Flacco enjoyed from a team standpoint during his 20s. According to ESPN, Flacco won 72 regular-season games before turning 30, which ranks fifth in the NFL. His 10 postseason wins in that time trail only Tom Brady, who won 12.

John Harbaugh might have oversold it when he called Flacco a superstar, but the University of Delaware product checks just about every box you'd want for a franchise quarterback.

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