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Ravens FB McClain: 'I want to get my chance' as a ball carrier

Le'Ron McClain already is known as one of football's top fullbacks. He's looking to broaden his appeal with free agency on the horizon.

The Baltimore Ravens' Pro Bowl bruiser has worked out relentlessly this offseason, dropping weight with the goal of adding speed and quickness. That's because he wants to be viewed as a threat as a blocker and a runner.

"I have no problem getting in there blocking and getting dirty because I love contact," McClain told *The Baltimore Sun* in Thursday's editions. "I just want to take my game to another level. No disrespect to anybody, not (offensive coordinator) Cam (Cameron), not (coach) John Harbaugh, not (running backs) Ray Rice or Willis (McGahee). I just don't want to disrespect my game anymore, like I feel like I've done these last two years."

McClain carried the ball just 28 times for 85 yards last season, and he added 21 catches for 134 yards. Rice, the Ravens' starting halfback, had a whopping 370 touches.

McClain has proven in the past that he can handle a more featured role. McClain was Baltimore's primary rusher in 2008, finishing with 902 yards on 232 carries (3.9-yard average) and 10 touchdowns, but Rice took over the next year.

McGahee is expected to be released by the Ravens, according to The Sun, meaning McClain likely would move up the pecking order if he returns.

"If that opportunity comes, I feel like I can step into that second running back role and still be that fullback," McClain said.

For McClain, it's about maximizing his potential as well as just who will allow him that opportunity.

"I had my game put in a box for the past two years because I couldn't show too much. I want to get my chance," he said. "Hopefully it's with the Ravens. If not, I'm prepared for the transformation."

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