Ravens FB Leach's second take: Texans didn't appreciate me

It took Vonta Leach time, but the Baltimore Ravens fullback finally came forward with his true feelings about his former team.

Leach maintained earlier in the week that he had no hard feelings about his negotiations this offseason with the Houston Texans and his parting with the team. But on the eve of the Ravens' matchup with the Texans, Leach said he felt the team's management disrespected him and lied about its intentions to retain him.

"I had five good years in Houston, and I did leave on a bad note," Leach told the Houston Chronicle. "When I was there, I laid it all on the line for Houston, whether I was hurt or not. During my time there, they paid a lot of players I felt didn't necessarily deserve to get paid. What disappointed me was when it was time for me, maybe my last contract, to get a good deal ... I didn't have to be the highest-paid fullback.

"I just wanted to feel appreciated. I didn't. I was not appreciated."

In 2010, Leach helped pave the way for running back Adrian Foster to secure a league-best 1,616 rushing yards and 16 rushing touchdowns. Needing to sign a new contract in the offseason, Leach said the Texans did not negotiate in good faith.

Leach received his offer from the Ravens first but was distraught with the Texans' tactics.

"The deal that was offered to me was disrespectful to me and my family," Leach said. "It was a lesser deal than I just got finished playing for them for. ... All I wanted was to be wanted. I wanted to stay with the Texans."

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