Ravens could move training camp if lockout goes into summer

If the NFL lockout extends into the summer and pushes back the start of training camp, the Ravens probably will move their public practices from McDaniel College to M&T Bank Stadium this year, *The Baltimore Sun* reported Tuesday night.

The college, located in Westminster, Md., has played host to the Ravens every year since their arrival in 1996, and the Baltimore Colts also trained there when it was known as Western Maryland College.

The contract between the team and the school has expired, and the sides agreed to wait until a new collective bargaining agreement is in place before negotiating a new one.

"We're in discussions with McDaniel about having camp there this season," Ravens president Dick Cass said, "but we won't be able to make a final decision until we know what our schedule is."

A delay in the start of camp would conflict with students returning to campus and the McDaniel football team's practices.

"If (the lockout) went that late, the training camp (at McDaniel) might be in jeopardy," said Ethan Seidel, vice president of administration and finance for the school. "When you get to the start of school, then it becomes a different situation."

Holding public practices at M&T Bank Stadium would be the only remaining option for the Ravens, whose practice facility cannot accommodate thousands of spectators. Last year, a team-record 112,051 fans attended public training-camp practices.

"I think we're planning on doing more at the stadium anyway," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said at the NFL Annual Meeting in New Orleans. "That was so good last year. We'll probably do it two or three times this year even if we're at McDaniel. I think we're going to come down there more. You hit the segment of your fans downtown that can just walk over or catch the bus."

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