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Ravens comfortable with McGahee remaining for backfield depth

Willis McGahee has become a secondary option to Ray Rice in the Baltimore Ravens' backfield, but the team has no intention of cutting him loose, a source with knowledge of the situation said Thursday.

At the end of the 2009 season, some believed McGahee's diminished role, his desire to be a featured back and his $3.6 million salary for 2010 could lead to his departure from Baltimore. But the Ravens are comfortable with the situation after having some organizational meetings, and they value McGahee's presence and ability to provide a counter-punch to Rice.


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As a team that has taken a run-heavy approach while quarterback Joe Flacco develops, the Ravens know it's imperative to have numerous options in the backfield.

McGahee spotted Rice and was a key component in the red zone, scoring 12 touchdowns and averaging an impressive 5 yards per carry. McGahee, acquired in a 2007 trade with the Buffalo Bills, started only one game in 2009, but he accounted for 14 touchdowns (two receiving) and definitely has value within the Ravens' organization.

The Ravens also remain hopeful that Pro Bowl safety Ed Reed, who has dealt with several significant injuries in recent years, will return next season.

Baltimore continues to seek help at wide receiver position as well and still could re-sign potential unrestricted free agents Derrick Mason and Kelley Washington while also seeking a top-tier wideout to diversify the offense and help hasten Flacco's development.

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