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Rapoport: Expect personal foul flags to be up for review in 2015

By Bill Bradley, contributing editor

The NFL will consider during the offseason if some personal foul penalties should be allowed to face replay review, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday during NFL GameDay Morning.

If passed, the proposal would represent the first time since replay was instituted in 1986 that penalties would be reviewed. Replay officials mainly would review helmet-to-helmet contact or confirm whether or not defenders led with their helmets on plays that were called personal foul penalties.

"Last year the Washington Redskins proposed expanding instant replay to personal foul penalties," Rapoport reported. "It failed by four votes.

"I am now told that four teams that voted against it are now set to vote for it."

Rapoport added that the proposal will be on the agenda when the NFL competition committee meets this winter and proposes rules changes for the Annual Meeting in March.

"The word is this is coming for the 2015 season," Rapoport said. "It might be at the start a little narrower -- it could just be hits on receivers -- but it's coming."

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