Rank's 11 Week 12 sleepers: Flock to Joe Flacco

This probably will not surprise you. I was not very popular in high school. I spent more time with my NES and Sega than actually going to parties. Stop laughing, you're very surprised by this news. Fine. But every once in a while, I would actually go out. And like hang with all of the cool kids, too.

Oh my gosh, there was this one time I caught wind of a party and told everybody about it. I got everyone in their cars. We mounted up and looked like a menacing rolling caravan like it was "Mad Max Fury Road" or something. The only thing is, this was pre-smart phones. I was given kind of vague directions and I thought I could wing it.

I couldn't.

I led this group on a nice, long drive through the city of Corona. If there was any party in the area at all that night, I would have eventually found it. We never found it. And I'll never forget the look of disdain on the faces of the cool kids: Conrad, Hetland and the DiPaolo brothers. It's a wonder they even talk to me now.

I had that same feeling again this week as I led a caravan of people on a Rex Burkhead chase against the Raiders.

All right, I get it.

I have to say though, it's not completely my fault. Burkhead was going to eat against the Raiders. He was in line for the kind of production Dion Lewis got. But Burkhead fumbled in the first quarter (and it was still recovered by the Patriots) and I got that same feeling I got driving down Oak Avenue in Corona and not finding a party.

This still obviously carries with me to this day. So if you were on the Burkhead hype train with me, I'm sorry. We'll get it back this week against the Dolphins. That's right, we're going to step right back up to the plate. Well, unless I can grab Samaje Perrine off waivers this week. Otherwise it's Burkhead all over again.

Let's talk some sleepers.

Got a quarterback to stream? Ryan Fitzpatrick.

He's scored at least 19 fantasy points in two of his last three. The Falcons are coming off a Monday night game. They have allowed a lot of fantasy points to quarterbacks. Though a lot of that damage was done by Russell Wilson. Still, the Falcons have allowed a top-12 quarterback in four of the last six games.

Are we good with Jared Goff again?

I would say so. Cooper Kupp has really hurt him. He dropped a touchdown pass against the Seahawks earlier this season. He had a crucial fumble against the Vikings. Goff could use a little help. And it's not going to be any easier with Robert Woods out. I know, that's a sentence I just wrote. But I like Goff to bounce back this week to finish in the top 12. The Saints are good. But Kirk Cousins was able to move against this team.

Give me the craziest steamer you can think of: Joe Flacco

I thought about Blake Bortles, but I like this a little bit more. The Texans have allowed a lot of production to quarterbacks this season. Flacco has done nothing to earn your trust. But Danny Woodhead is back. He didn't break the walls down in his first week back, but he was productive. As Woodhead gets better, Flacco gets better. They won't be able to run against the Texans so there is going to be a lot of volume in the passing game.

I need a running back: J.D. McKissic

He played in more than 50 percent of the Seahawks snaps against Atlanta. And I really just want to get in on this 49ers matchup. San Francisco has allowed the most fantasy points to running backs this year. They are extremely vulnerable to running backs who catch the ball out of the backfield, too.

Hey, who was that deep sleeper you talked about on Good Morning Football? Byron Marshall.

He's a longshot out of Oregon who can catch the ball. I'm not sure if Perine is going to translate to a three-down back. Somebody needs to assume the Chris Thompson role. The only problem here is Thompson made a lot of those plays happen because he's a stud. You won't get that same guarantee out of Marshall. Hell, we don't even know if he's going to play. But if you're holding on to a person who isn't going to benefit you this season, don't be afraid to add some high-upside players as well.

The Legion of Boom no longer scares me. Who you got? Marquise Goodwin.

He's had at least 60 receiving yards in four consecutive home games. He's played on 76 percent of the offensive snaps. And, the Seahawks have allowed the fourth-most fantasy points to receivers over the last month.

So if you like Joe Flacco, do I go with Mike Wallace? No, I'd go with Jeremy Maclin.

Jeremy Maclin has a nice history against the Texans, with an average of 11.65 fantasy points in four career games. I know Mike Wallace had that nice grab last week, but I still prefer Maclin. It's a sleeper pick, though. There is still a chance that while this is a favorable matchup, he could lose some production to Woodhead. But that's because Woodhead is the damn GOAT.

Bro, my league is deep. Help me: Donte Moncrief.

I know, I know. But he's got a receiving touchdown in two of his last four against the Titans. The Titans have allowed a ton of production to receivers this year. In fact, they have allowed 15 receiving touchdowns to receivers. That's the most in the NFL.

I need a tight end: Vernon Davis

He's played in 75 percent of the snaps since Week 2. He's better without Jordan Reed on the field. Duh. I know, I'm crushing the analysis here. However, with Chris Thompson gone, my man Kirk Cousins is going to need more safety valves. Can I just say Cousins doesn't get enough credit for what he's been able to do with such a dilapidated surrounding cast? He's got some fine pieces, but he makes it work with a lot of under-card studs. It's like the way the Miz has elevated the Miztourage. They are his Kirktourage. Or something like that.

You're killing me Rank, Davis is gone. Speaking of killing me, Cameron Brate is not good compared to other fantasy tight ends. So? Jared Cook.

I know, I know. But the Broncos have allowed the most receiving yards to tight ends since Week 5. They have allowed a lot of production to opposing tight ends in general all year. I've been burned by Cook a lot in the past. But we need this right now.

Can you recommend Adam Shaheen?

I would, but I would be considered a pretty hardcore Bears homer. So, I can't do it. I'm going to play him. But I can do it.

Defense please, and don't say the Bengals: But it's the Bengals

But it's so easy to just pick against the Browns.

I added the Chargers last week, stick with them again this week? Yes.

Love the matchup. Even if the Cowboys get Tyron Smith back, he's not going to be 100 percent. And he will be going against Joey Bosa. And I don't think anybody gives the Chargers enough credit for how great that draft pick was. Not a lot of people (at least out here) gave the Chargers any credit for that pick. But it was pretty nice.

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