Rank's 11 Week 10 sleepers: The Orleans Darkwa-side

So look, I imagine there are going to be many think pieces written about Jared Goff and the Rams this week. And yes, I'm happy you're all joining the party now. Last week, I wrote a lot about Goff. I had him as a sleeper, he was in Like/dislike, I picked them and the Jags to be in the Super Bowl (and I was serious about that). So I'm all about Goff.

Though, I did notice on Friday in our NFL Fantasy league with all of the fantasy luminaries (and Akbar) that MJD needed a quarterback. I had Goff on my roster because I had added him weeks ago (I know this makes me sound like a fantasy hipster) because of the looming Tom Brady bye week. So what I did was offer Goff to MJD because he was without Deshaun Watson on his first-place squad. I was ready to go with Marcus Mariota for the weekend. But I rescinded the offer on Saturday as I thought better of it. Even though MJD is my guy, and I wanted to do him a solid (and beat Money), I had to keep and start Goff. Even with Brady back, I'm in no hurry to jettison the young signal-caller. I'm not sure I'm ever going to use him this season. Shoot, I probably won't. But then again, nobody else gets to use him, either.

And it is fun to see all of the lame trade offers that come in for him. Although at least one team manager has gotten the hint and won't send me trades anymore. I know that makes me kind of a jerk. But I'm like Obi-Wan with the higher ground. Why should I have to stoop?

Can we still call Josh McCown a sleeper?

We shouldn't. But I keep doing all of these NFL Fantasy LIVE segments where McCown is listed as a sleeper, so I guess it warrants mentioning here. He's had multiple touchdowns in his last five games, and really, that's what you're looking for from your sleeper QB. And you have to love the matchup this week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who have allowed the third-most passing yards per game this season. So in theory, he shouldn't be a sleeper. But I know a lot of you are brand-name snobs, so I got you. Play him regardless. He's a good quarterback. Something I never thought I would ever say.

How awesome is Matt Forte? He's the GOAT

He's the best. He's been steady for at least the last month. You have to love it. And to think, I had advocated the Jets to dump him to a contender (I think I had mentioned Tampa Bay LAWLZ), but he's been getting it done for the Jets. I still wish he was with the Patriots. It wouldn't help us fantasy-wise, but it would be great on a humanitarian level. But yes, if you've played Forte, you keep playing him. And fun stat of the week. In every week where my daughter Ahsoka has dressed up as Matt Forte for Halloween, he's scored two touchdowns.

Wait are we really starting Orleans Darkwa like it's NBD?

We are. He's been pretty good, even though the Giants have started to fall apart around him. That, of course, hurts his long-term value going forward. But don't worry about that now. The Giants are up against the 49ers who have allowed an average of close to 30 fantasy points per game to running backs. That's the most of any team in the 2000s. Chris Jericho had just jumped to the WWE in 2000 (that's where the Y2J comes from). And on a side note, Jericho and Kenny Omega? Are you kidding me? I'll have more on this in Like/Dislike.

Another running back? Thomas Rawls

Rawls led the Seahawks in snaps and touches in Week 9. Most people have given up for him. For good reason. The Seahawks running backs have folded up more than, you know what, the obvious joke here would have been DC movies. But I'm not giving you all the satisfaction of that. What, I liked "Batman vs. Superman" and many of the others (no, you're trash). I'm not bowing to peer pressure.

Hey man, you got a running back stash? D'Onta Foreman

First of all, it sounds shady when you say it like that. But I do like the Texans fantasy playoff schedule. Man, that makes me miss Deshaun Watson even more now. Thanks for bringing that up. It's a favorable schedule for Lamar Miller, but I want to pick up Foreman here, too. Especially if you have some dead spots on your bench. I don't, but you might. I know, sick humble brag there.

Are we good with Robert Woods?

For real. It was kind of dismissed when he joined the Rams this year, outside of the feel-good story of him to returning to the LA Memorial Coliseum (who I have legit heat with). Woods has led the Rams in targets, receptions and receiving yards this season. He made a savvy play on that third-and-33 reception he turned into a touchdown against the Giants last week. He's got another good matchup at home to the Texans. I kind of want to go to this game. But then again, it's my anniversary so maybe I'll pass on that.

Cooper Kupp as well?

It's tough with the Rams, because they are similar to the vintage Saints who were very diplomatic with the way they distributed fantasy points to receivers over the years. I like Kupp a lot in PPR formats. But it's always a roll of the dice.

Is there a Bills receiver you fancy? Zay Jones

Brutal catch rate this year. But there are a lot of options for the Bills all of a sudden. Remember when it was just supposed to be Chuck Clay and that was it? Well, now there are a host of players, including Kelvin Benjamin. But, the Saints are vulnerable to No. 2 receivers this season, having allowed the fourth-most points (8.6). I know that seems convoluted. But let's just put it this way. Zay has some big-play ability. And I just don't want to go with Jordan Matthews. Forgive me if that makes me a bad person.

Who is your Thursday night pick? Tyler Lockett

He's had at least seven targets in three consecutive games. The Cardinals have allowed an average of 8.6 receptions per game to slot receivers. I mean, this isn't the Cardinals defense of the past. So this looks like a nice sleeper, but this is probably just a good start in general. And if you're reading this on Saturday and are all, "thanks for this, Rank. It's super late, jerk." I feel you. But some people do read this on Wednesday. So maybe you should start clearing your schedule. You know?

Tight end, please: Kyle Rudolph

He's had at least five receptions in four consecutive games. He's had at least eight targets in those games. And the Redskins have actually been very generous to tight ends this year. Tight ends have averaged close to 80 yards per game this season.

He's gone, Chief. How about another? Garrett Celek

First of all, if you're going to call somebody "Chief" odds are you're going to be in a fight. So cool the attitude. But the Giants have allowed a tight end to score a touchdown in nine consecutive games. This seems like the game where the streak dies. So it's always fun to go with some rando tight end just in case. Because it always takes a random guy to make this happen. But clearly, this is kind of a jokey play. But you were the one who got all mad about Rudolph.

How about a defense? New England Patriots

I like the Patriots this week, mostly because nobody wants to play them because they have given up a lot of points this year. But it's the Patriots, who improve in the second half of the season. Plus, they have to face Brock Osweiler. And yeah, I'm just going to stop right there.

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