Randy Gregory: Problem is decision-making, not weed

The Dallas Cowboys took one of the biggest gambles of the 2015 NFL Draft when they selected Nebraska pass rusher Randy Gregory in the second round.

Gregory said any issues in his past were the result of immaturity and stubbornness, not drug use.

"That's something I've definitely been working on and something I can definitely fix," Gregory told ESPN Radio last Friday (via The Dallas Morning News). "I'm 22 years old but I think I carry myself real well and I think I need to carry myself a little bit better as far as decision-making goes.

"I think a lot of people are getting tied up in the weed and think it's just a weed problem. I don't think it's a weed problem. I think it's decision making. I think I'm immature. I'm definitely working on that. I want to prove everyone wrong and I want to do it with this team. I think this is the best team I can do that with."

Gregory said he has successfully stayed away from marijuana.

"I haven't touched it," he said. "I'm feeling real good, too. This is a high in itself, to be honest. I'm high on life right now, and I don't want to lose this high."

In the best-case scenario, Gregory grows to become the dominant pass rusher the Cowboys have lacked since DeMarcus Ware's hey-day. The worst-case is that Gregory flames out of the league in a few years. A prototypical boom-or-bust pick.

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