Randall Cobb on struggles: 'We have to stick together'

For a perennial Super Bowl contender like the Green Bay Packers, handling an unexpected losing season can be one of the most difficult balancing acts in all of sports.

Inside the locker room, 60 different personalities and egos are going their own way, unable to prevent endless speculation about the future from penetrating the walls.

"That's the most important thing," wide receiver Randall Cobb said Tuesday, via PackersNews.com. "There are things outside of our room that try to separate us, that try to pull us away from each other, that try to break the bond that we have that was created throughout the season. But we must stick together. That's the only thing that we can do that's going to get us wins. The more we point fingers, the more that people start doubting us, the worse off we're going to be. So we just have to stick together and not let the outside noise change what we believe."

While issues might have been bubbling below the surface for some time now, 2016 has been bizarre in that leadership has been questioned from the top down. Mike McCarthy is firmly on the hot seat, and just last week the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel chronicled the obvious lack of emotional governance from the team's best players.

Regardless of whether or not the players feel the same way, it is the first time they've had to seriously combat these issues. Winning normally stitches up all other wounds fairly quickly.

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